Seven Reasons to offer your students the Times Table Triangle

  1. Making multiplication easy and fun to learn. Most times charts are cumbersome and difficult for students to understand. The Times Table Triangle is so simple kids know how it works right away. More importantly, they can start learning immediately. Every multiplier from 1 to 10 is there in a compact, easy to understand table.
  2. Break the psychological barrier that often stops kids before they start. The Times Table Triangle helps the student learn multiplication one step at a time. It eliminates the perceived difficulty of having to learn numerous times tables. The bottom row of the Triangle starts with the easiest single-digit multiplication tables and each subsequent tier gets progressively difficult but fewer in quantity. Students gradually work their way up to the top and learn basic multiplication.
  3. A quick assessment device you can use to test the skill level of your students. Teachers have found the Triangle to be an effective and quick tool to assess students' proficiency with multiplication. See People Talking
  4. A math manipulative your students will love. The process of hands-on and visual learning is extremely beneficial to young students. They will enjoy placing a pencil into one set of multipliers and turning it over to find the answer. The child learns row-by-row in a manageable way, which builds confidence in mastering this important fundamental math skill.
  5. Great for independent learning. Whether your students work individually or in groups, the Triangle is perfect for independent learning.  It is a teaching tool that lets students learn basic math skills at their own pace, both in school and at home. You'll find parents really like the Triangle because it is a fun interactive way to help their children learn multiplication.
  6. Students love the simplicity, look and feel of the Triangle. The compact Times Table Triangle includes all the basic 1 to 10 times tables and fits neatly into students' three ring binders. It is made of plastic laminated card stock and is available in 7 colors. Kids pick the color they like the best and carry it with them at school or take it home for practice.
  7. A very affordable way to teach multiplication. With the Triangle you'll eliminate the need for costly workbooks. Create a multi-colored pack or choose a single color for your class. Either way, you'll be buying the Triangles direct from the supplier with no middle man involved.



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